Me and the Game.

Me and the Game.

Hello everyone, after our unremitting efforts and optimization again and again, our website: finally meets all gamers. We are a website that mainly makes peripheral accessories of video game consoles and game peripheral models. The purpose of making this website is also out of love for video games, and I want to change from a player to a game practitioner to participate in the game industry to provide some services for players.

The first time I came into contact with a game console was probably when my parents bought me a black and white handheld console that imitated the Nintendo Game Boy when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I remember very clearly that the games in it were <Tetris>, <Tank War> and so on. <Tetris> became my game enlightenment, I believe that many players' enlightenment games are the same as mine.

Later, when I grew up, I played with a Nintendo Family Computer at a friend's house, and after I begged again and again, my parents gave me a Nintendo Family Computer on my birthday. That's why I was lucky enough to play the big IPs of the year: <Super Mario Bros. >, <Contra>, <Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles> and so on. Some are still big IPs, while others are getting worse and worse. I still remember playing <Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles> with my dad. That night we played until after eleven o'clock in the evening before clearing the game. That was the first time I played a game with my dad, and it seemed to be the only time. Playing <Contra> with friends, the cheat "↑↑↓↓←→←→BABA" is always engraved in my mind. I really miss that time.

Later, when I grew up, because of the general financial situation of the family and some other reasons, I was unable to contact the later Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, WII, WII U, and PlayStation 1/2/3. During this period, computers were gradually popularized, and online games became popular. I also played some online games, but I always couldn't arouse any interest. It wasn't until I got a job that I had a financial foundation, and accidentally saw the launch event of PlayStation 4 PRO on the Internet. Immediately, I became interested, and the desire to play games suddenly burned like a flame!

From then on, I really returned to the ranks of games, and I was particularly surprised by the big IPs of various games. From Software's <bloodborne>, <Dark Soul> trilogy, <Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice>, <ELDEN RING> taught me “not to be afraid of challenges, and every failure is for Make yourself stronger and approach success”. Nintendo's <Mario> series and <Zelda> series taught me “not to forget my original intention, and adults can still have very simple happiness”. Naughty Dog's <The Last of Us> taught me “to do everything you can to love the person you want to love, even if the end of the world comes”.

So, the game has both regrets and luck for me. Unfortunately, many good game works were missed in the middle. Fortunately, I have been exposed to games since I was a child, and I can play many good game works after many years. Fortunately, now I can change from a player to a game practitioner, and turn my hobbies into my own business. In the future, I will meet more game players, let’s play games together and talk about games together s story. Hope our website: can bring good products and services to players all over the world.You can also get a 10% OFF if you subscribe to our website before placing an order. In the future, I can proudly say: "I am a game practitioner, but also a game player!"

This is the story of me and the game, if you want to tell me the story of you and the game, please email me.

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